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Identifying Salesforce TLS 1.0 Logins

If you are a Salesforce Administrator, you received emails from Salesforce titled “ACTION REQUIRED: Upgrade to TLS 1.1 or higher before July 22, 2017”. And unless you’ve read through the documentation, you are probably wondering “What does this mean, and do I have to do anything about it?”.

There are multiple resources available to learn about Transport Layer Security (TSL). These include  Wikipedia and Salesforce’s own documentation. But without getting too technical, let’s answer whether you have to do anything about it.  The question that needs to be answered is: Do I have any TLS 1.0 sources logging into Salesforce?  This includes:

  • Internet browsers used by end users
  • API (inbound) integrations
  • Call-out (outbound) integrations

If you have Call-out (outbound) integrations, you should check with your developer to get confirmation that TLS 1.0 is no longer in use.

If your users stay current with browser updates, then browsers shouldn’t be a problem.  API (inbound) integrations as well are likely using current connection security.  But you can check within Salesforce to identify any non-compliant sources accessing Salesforce.

To identify Salesforce TLS 1.0 logins in Salesforce, there is a way to do so from the Login History page.  Under the Setup menu, search for Login History to access the page.

The default page probably does not show the TLS Protocol (or version).  If needed create a new View and add the TLS Protocol column to the View’s Selected Fields.  You can even filter the View by defining a filter “TLS Protocol equals 1.0”.

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Posted: May 9, 2017

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