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Salesforce for Drug Treatment Centers

StarrData specializes in customizing Salesforce for Drug Treatment Centers.

Drug Treatment Centers have unique requirements. StarrData customizes Salesforce to provide our Drug Treatment clients with a system that can be used for, among other things:

  • Sourcing patients
  • Screening patients
  • Admitting patients
  • Managing patients
  • Staying in touch with alumni
  • Referral management

Referrals are important to your business. Where are you referrals coming from? Are some referral sources more productive than others? The ability to answer these questions can enable you to more efficiently run your business.

If you are talking with a prospective patient but they do not enroll in your program it can be helpful to understand why this happened. StarrData sets up Salesforce for Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers so it is easy for your staff to track data that is important to your business.

We realize the importance of patient privacy and HIPPA compliance. Salesforce is HIPAA compliant. StarrData staff is HIPAA certified.

There are a variety of EMR systems on the market. Salesforce integrates with many of them to eliminate double data entry between Salesforce and your ERM. Additionally, this integration can allow ERM data to be displayed directly in Salesforce.

Salesforce’s powerful security features allow us to control how Salesforce is used in your organization. This access can be controlled by a person’s role in your organization, the department they work in, or perhaps by their location.

These are just a few of the ways Salesforce can be used in a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs. Contact us at 888-391-4493 x103 to set up a call to discuss how your business can best use Salesforce.

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