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How to Export Salesforce New Notes

export salesforce new notes

Before you get started with exporting New Notes, you will need help from your Salesforce system administrator if you do not have System Administrator permissions. With that said, there is a limitation to exporting from ContentNote (New Note): the Notes cannot be exported unless the user that is exporting the Notes has access to that particular Note. This goes for the system administrator as well.

This limitation includes the ContentVersion and ContentDocument file that will also need to be exported. The user (including users with the “View All Data” permission) can only query Notes they have access to. This means they would need ‘Viewer’ Access at least to be able to query the Notes for all users.

Once your users have given “Viewer” access to their Notes, it would be best to use Salesforce Data Loader to export the files. The ContentNote records can be found under the ‘ContentVersion’ .csv file. The distinction is that they would be FileType ‘SNOTE’, ContentDocument and ContentDocumentLink.

There is no ParentID on ContentNote (from exported data). The relationship between a ContentNote record and another record (user, account, opportunities etc) is recorded through ContentDocumentLink. This object ties the Note (ContentDocumentID) and the record it is shared with (LinkedEntityID).

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Posted: November 11, 2016

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