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Salesforce Optimization

StarrData created our Salesforce Optimization service to help companies get more out of Salesforce. Our Salesforce Optimization service provides the expertise to help maximize your Salesforce investment while uncovering unused functionality in your existing Salesforce instance. It was created for businesses that want to expand their Salesforce usage, increase user adoption, create visibility into key business processes, ensure they are following best practices, and align Salesforce with their evolving business.

How it Works:

We follow our 3-step process, design, development, and deployment, in order to understand your business processes and transform Salesforce to fit your needs. At the end of our optimization process, we provide you with a road map to help you with your future Salesforce and business needs.


  • Perform an audit on your Salesforce instance so we understand how Salesforce has been set up
  • Provide a Solution Design Workshop during which we will work with you to identify the best processes and best configuration for your Salesforce environment
  • Create a Solution Design document that lists ways for you to translate your business requirements and Salesforce best practices into your Salesforce environment


  • Configure Salesforce based on prioritized modifications outlined in the Solution Design document and that can be deployed within the budget
  • Test and validate your Salesforce configuration


  • Provide a virtual training class to educate users on best practices for using Salesforce and to review modifications made to it
  • Our Salesforce expert will provide information about your application enhancements to your Salesforce administrator
  • We will create a road map for Salesforce enhancements

Read our Intuit Health case study for an example of how our Salesforce Optimization service can help your company maximize your Salesforce usage.

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