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Is Salesforce Premier Support Right For You?

What is salesforce premier support?

When it comes to managing your Salesforce platform, the right support is essential. But how do you know if Salesforce’s own support plans are right for you, versus an outside alternative to the Salesforce Premier Support Success Plan, or perhaps even using both in combination?

This can be a tough question to answer, but here are some tips to help you determine the best course of action for your business so you can get back to doing what you do best: operations.


When utilizing Salesforce’s own Premier Success and Success+ plans, your company is granted access to designated Salesforce professionals who work with both your team and Salesforce. The professionals handle inquiries with support, cases, and troubleshooting.

With outsourced support through StarrData, our professionals work in a similar way, but we’re set up to resolve more complicated issues quickly and efficiently. Say, for instance, that you need a simple report. Salesforce’s Premier Success plan can help you create it with ease.

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However, if you require a solution to deliver the report, including changes to fields or objects, StarrData’s support pros have the time and tools to meet your needs— it’s more challenging for the Salesforce Premier Success and Success+ team to assist with complex issues.

With that in mind, it’s possible to use Salesforce’s plan and StarrData’s pros in tandem to ensure that you get maximum support. Your StarrData professional will be well-versed in your business, ensuring your Salesforce support, app integration, cases, and troubleshooting needs are met seamlessly and customized to specifically suit your business.

Salesforce’s troubleshooters work on a variety of projects, with no one assigned to a particular project, while StarrData offers a named contact with whom you can develop a relationship and who will know your business inside and out.

Cases & Support

With Premier Success and Success+ plans, your team has the option for over the phone support as well as online case filing. Cases are handled in order of severity— while issues of high importance will be acknowledged in as little as an hour, any issue classified as lower priority is responded to in about eight hours. Can your business be on hold for eight hours before the busy Salesforce team has time to handle your issue?

With StarrData’s Salesforce support, your business’ assigned administrators can be reached by email and phone from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PT. They can also be reached via email and case filing through our 24/7 customer portal. We take care to respond as quickly as possible— we understand that even a little Salesforce downtime can be detrimental to your team’s success.

Salesforce Education & Training

Salesforce’s Success and Success+ plans both come with an online education knowledge base with plenty of information on Salesforce for your team. Additionally, the platform also provides extensive and free training materials for customers to aid in training and Salesforce certification.

When you work with StarrData, education and training are unnecessary. Our professionals are already Salesforce-certified experts, and won’t require the extra resources, time, and cost it would take to train your own team members. This creates more time for your team to be productive in the roles they were hired for, resulting in fewer wasted hours and training costs and leading to increased productivity, profits, and a steady bottom line.

What’s Not Included

Where Salesforce’s Success Plan, Success+ Plan, and StarrData’s solutions differ is in the fine print. While Salesforce provides in-depth knowledge, support, and case correction for their platform, they simply won’t assist with important aspects like 3rd-party technologies, AppExchange applications, or assistance with custom code specific to your business.

StarrData understands how important each of these aspects can be in order to get the most out of your Salesforce platform, which is why we support all of the above. A StarrData professional will ensure you’ll get dynamic and customized support from Salesforce experts who care about your business and want to help it succeed, permitting you to focus on operations and company growth.

How you choose to receive Salesforce support is up to you. With the insight gleaned from this article, you’ll have more information about the different support options available to keep your team, company, and operations running as smoothly as possible as you get the most from your Salesforce platform.

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Posted: June 29, 2017

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