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Salesforce Best Practices 2013, Part 2

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StarrForce has updated our list of Salesforce Best Practices! We created our list of Salesforce Best Practices from our extensive work with Salesforce customers to give you tips to improve your Salesforce experience. Our list contains best practices in the following fourteen Salesforce categories: Activity Management, Case Management, Chatter, Dashboard Management, Data Integrity, Desktop Integration, Email Templates and Settings, General Setup, General Usage, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Report Management, Sales Forecasting, and Workflow and Automation.

Here are examples of a few of our Salesforce Best Practices from our Activity Management, Lead Management, and Opportunity Management categories. 

Activity Management Best Practice: Create Tasks and Events in the Lowest Level of the Relationship

When you are creating a task or an event that is associated with an opportunity, you want to be sure to create the task in the opportunity, not in the account record or contract record. By associating tasks with the lowest level of the relationship, in this case an opportunity, Salesforce will automatically link the task to all higher level records, and you also reduce the chance of relating your task to an incorrect record.

Lead Management Best Practice: Maintain Your Leads

Salesforce is a great resource for organizing your business processes, but you need to do your part to keep Salesforce organized and prevent it from becoming cluttered. It is useful to remove stale leads or follow up with them on a regular basis to keep your lists from getting over-crowded, making it harder to distinguish between your good leads and bad leads.

Opportunity Management Best Practice: Keep Your Opportunities Up-to-Date

Opportunities need to be tended to, and an opportunity that has sat for a week or more without a follow-up is most likely going to be lost. You should record at least one activity a week per opportunity, even if it is just an email update.

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Posted: July 1, 2013

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