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Salesforce Best Practices 2013, Part 5

Salesforce Desktop Integration, Salesforce Best PracticesStarrForce has updated our list of Salesforce Best Practices! We created our list of best practices from our extensive work with Salesforce customers to give you tips to improve your Salesforce experience. Our list contains best practices in the following fourteen categories: Activity Management, Case Management, Chatter, Dashboard Management, Data Integrity, Desktop Integration, Email Templates and Settings, General Setup, General Usage, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Report Management, Sales Forecasting, and Workflow and Automation.

Here are examples of some of our Salesforce Best Practices from our Desktop Integration and Chatter categories.

Desktop Integration Best Practice: The First Microsoft Outlook Sync with Connect for Outlook or Salesforce for Outlook Should be Done with an Empty Folder

When you sync Salesforce with a full Microsoft Outlook folder it is very likely that you will get duplicate records in both Salesforce and Outlook. By syncing with an empty Outlook folder, Salesforce will populate the Outlook folder with your data from Salesforce. This results in only having one copy of each record and additionally, each contact will be associated with the appropriate accounts.

Chatter Best Practice: Know Who Will See Your Posts

It is important to know who will and who will not see your Chatter posts so you that you can make sure that the right people see your post and the wrong people do not. If you post to a record or a group, only people who have access to that record or group will see your post. However, if you post to your profile, a co-worker’s page, or a public group, everyone has access to your post.

Want more Salesforce tips? Download our list of Salesforce Best Practices!

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Posted: August 19, 2013

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