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Salesforce & Vertical Response Integration: Avoiding Storage Traps

Vertical Response is a very powerful email platform which has the ability to integrate directly with Salesforce without the use of a third party application, as well as being able to use campaign members as a direct distribution list without an import or export of data. Basically, Vertical Response gives you the ability to manage the entirety of your e-marketing within Salesforce.

Vertical Response, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Support, Salesforce Partner, StarrForceHowever,  there is a major issue to manage with the Vertical Response integration. That is the “VR Email History” on both the contact and the lead objects. Granted, one would want to have that information in their database, but at what cost?  Storage space.

For every individual email sent through Vertical Response, that message and its statistics are appended to the “VR Email History” on its corresponding Salesforce object. The issue is the message being appended, especially in the case of graphically intensive ones such as newsletters or catalogs. This has a tendency to eat through storage space at an exponential rate. For example, a large, graphically intensive e-marketing campaign sending out 30,000+ emails will  occupy about 250mb of storage. This equates to roughly a quarter of total default allocated storage in Salesforce.

Fortunately, there is a solution. When mailing lists for Vertical Response are created from Salesforce campaigns or from adding leads and contacts directly from Salesforce, there is an option on the very last step when sending out an email:  The Salesforce History check box. This check box is by default checked off, so one would have to un-check it every time an email is sent out, but if unchecked, there are no worries about dwindling storage space, and email metrics are still accessible via Vertical Response, just not directly at the contact or lead level.

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Posted: February 27, 2013

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