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Salesforce Administration

Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Support
Salesforce Administration On Demand

With StarrData’s Salesforce Administration service you get fast and professional help when you need it.

You will be assigned to a named certified Salesforce administrator who will solve your problems, answer your questions, and make best practice recommendations.

Since you will always be communicating with the same administrator, they get to know your Salesforce instance and your business.  You will not have to bring a new person up to speed on your business and how you are using Salesforce every time you contact us.

Then, based on your needs, we can expand your Salesforce functionality, fix problems for you in Salesforce, advise you on Salesforce best practices, or teach you how to solve issues you are facing. With StarrData Salesforce Administration, we become your go-to administrator whenever you need help or want to expand the functionality of your Salesforce.

Some of the services provided with Salesforce Administration include:

  • Building customized page layouts
  • Creation of workflow rules and auto escalation rules
  • One-on-one training, including training on reporting and dashboards
  • Creation of custom reports and dashboards
  • Salesforce integration with QuickBooks
  • Adding new functionality so you can get more out of Salesforce
  • Troubleshooting of existing functionality

How it works:

  • Call us – We are available with 12×5 phone support
  • Email us- We are available with 12×5 phone support
  • Log a case on our customer portal available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Guaranteed 3 hour response time for all issues
  • Satisfaction guarantee for all of our work


Call us for more information at 888-391-4493 x103.

Read our TeaLeaf Technology, Inc case study for an example of how Salesforce Administration can help your company. Learn how, through the use of Salesforce Administration, StarrData was able to improve TeaLeaf Technology’s data forecasting and automate their business processes.


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