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Why Handling Salesforce Administration In-House Might Be Costing You Big

Is your in house salesorce administrator costing to much?

You need to make sure the company and its operations are running smoothly while keeping down costs. You also know there is no such thing as “enough time,” and you do your best to ensure your team members are busy fulfilling their respective roles, using their time productively, and helping to increase profits for your business…right?

If you’re handling Salesforce in-house, this actually may not be the case at all. After all, how can your team members be dedicated to fulfilling their roles if they’re busy learning (or, more likely, struggling to learn) Salesforce every day?

Handing over the reins to a administrator services firm rather than handling Salesforce administration in-house may actually be costing you big. Why? Read on and find out.

Productivity Drop and Unfulfilled Roles

Instead of giving their all in their respective roles and growing the company day by day, your team members will have to manage Salesforce’s complex platform that steals time away from the roles they were hired to do.

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For example, if your sales professional is busy managing Salesforce instead of making calls and connections, your client base won’t grow and your sales team will be less than thrilled when they find their numbers steadily decreasing.

If your inbound marketing and design teams are assigned the role of Salesforce managers, your marketing efforts, content, and design can also suffer. Both the loss of clients and lack of focused marketing efforts can have a detrimental effect on your branding, retention, and, eventually, your bottom line.

We haven’t even mentioned the heavy costs associated with training administrators so they have all the knowledge required to obtain their Salesforce certification. That can eat into business funds as well as sucking from the business time that would be better spent producing.

Unhappy employees and a drop in productivity are any COO’s worst nightmare. Not only will it become more difficult to manage daily operations, but keeping costs down becomes next to impossible with the wasted productivity and funds that come with managing Salesforce in-house.

Unfortunately, when companies opt out of outsourcing their Salesforce needs, this is the common (and undoubtedly stressful) reality for small to mid-sized businesses and their COOs everywhere. It’s time for it to change.

How to Fix It

Take back your productivity. Let your professionals do what they do best (what they were hired to do) by outsourcing your Salesforce administration. At StarrData, our professionals are certified experienced Salesforce admin experts who require no costly training and who won’t waste the time your company needs to use productively in order to grow.

Rather than waiting for your staff to get up to speed, you’ll have access to dedicated Salesforce certified admins and cloud consultants who know their way around the platform and can effectively manage your dashboards, AppExchange apps, users, and use the new Lightning interface with your company and its developers.

In other words, we’re the experts. Let us use that expertise to manage your Salesforce needs while your dedicated in-house professionals use their time to fulfill their roles and grow the company. As a bonus, you can get back to successfully managing operations with peace of mind and growth on the horizon.

Outsourcing Misconceptions

A common worry for those in charge of operations is how well a dedicated Salesforce engineer can communicate with the rest of the team. After all, communication is key within a sales team, between departments, and even more so when dealing with external or outsourced professionals.

Luckily, StarrData ensures you’ll have nothing to worry about. Whenever our professionals are needed, they are only a quick call or email away. We understand just how important fluid communication is within your company and will always uphold high-quality communication standards at all times.

Another misconception we hear from COOs is that the cost to bring in a Salesforce professional aren’t worth the investment. This is false. Sure, paying for outsourced Salesforce management will require some upfront or recurring costs, but what if those costs could provide your company with a high ROI?

This is exactly what can happen when you outsource your Salesforce needs. Think about it—when your Salesforce administration is handled professionally, your professionals are now free to grow the company in their dedicated roles. This allows your company to get back to growing, thriving, and enhancing your bottom line the way you envisioned from the start.

If you’re ready to take back control of your productivity and enhance your bottom line with professional Salesforce management, then contact us today and we’ll get started.


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Posted: June 22, 2017

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