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10/29/10 Free Webinar: Securing Chatter Data in

Fri, Oct 29, 9:00am-10:00am PT, Virtual Presentation

With Chatter, is one step closer to its goal of making enterprise software as easy to use as Facebook. Chatter can be a useful tool when communicating or collaborating with your co-workers. However, how Private Are Your Salesforce Chatter Conversations & Posts?

In this interactive web presentation you will learn how to:

– Create public Chatter groups and private chatter groups
– Follow records that you do not own but have access to like your sales team’s opportunities
– Set Chatter alerts to notify you in real time that a contact you own moves to a new company, even if your co-worker makes the change.
– Modify Salesforce Chatter IM client settings and control who can read the messages between you and your co-workers (controlled by groups or sharing on records)
– Sharing files across users in Chatter

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Posted: October 7, 2010

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